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Hamradio 2013 Friedrichshafen

Wir sehen uns auf der Hamradio in Friedrichshafen. An oben genannten Terminen werde ich am Kenwood Stand zur Verfügung stehen, sowie am Sa von 14:00-17:00 am DX Zelt des d.a.r.c

beste 73 DL1LLL

live bei Funktechnik Dathe…

Am Sa. werde ich bei Funktechnik Dathe vor Ort sein und ein wenig von der Antarktis Funkerei berichten. Ebenso wird sich bei der HAM Radio Friedrichshafen nochmals die Gelegenheit ergeben.

beste  73 de Lars DL1LLL

DP0GVN contacts to Antarctic Bases

Hi Folks,

here a small statistic about my personal goal to catch antarctic bases in my wintering time. I had 29 QSOs inside the continent of Antarctica with 13 different locations.

8J1RL  Syova Base

DP0GVN Neumayer3 Station (Operator DL1TOG)

KC4AAC Palmer Station (WAP USA-23)

KC4USV McMurdo (WAP USA-22)

KC4AAA Sout Pole (WAP USA-36)

OJ1ABOA Aboa Base

OJ1ABOA/p Mika @ Neumayer3

RI1ANF Bellinghausen (WAP RUS-Ø1)

RI1ANF Bellinghausen – Priroda Refuge (WAP RUS-15)

R1ANR Novo Runnway (WAP RUS-09)

VK0GB Casey Station

VU3BPZ Bharati Base (WAP IND-Ø4)

VU3BPZ/p Indian Bay Camp (WAP IND-Ø2)

VU3BPZ/mm Polar Ship Ivan Papanin

As you see here i had contacts around the whole continent 🙂
























So if there are HAMS on Antarctica that i missed!? please contact me before 10.Feb 2013

73 de Lars


Palaoa activity 30. Jan 2013

After our work at the Palaoa Observatory was done i used my free-time to operate again on HF. I was QRV from 1700-2300UTC on 14320 and got about 40 contacts to EU and 40 to NA. Propagation was a little bit strange. To the northern part of EU i got really good signal reports but for the south located operators it was much harder to catch me. This time i staid much longer as usual to give the NA operators also a chance to work with me at Palaoa. Special thanks to John VK2ANT / VK2FR who followed me the hole activity and spotted me into the clusters.

And as well special greetings to Markus DL2GMS he tried to call me about 4 hours but we didnt make it, Sorry!

I worked again with my Kenwood TS-480 powered by an 12V Gel-batterie and my Fritzel FD-4 installed as a inverted V on the Pistenbully crane.

Thanks to everybody who taking the time for this contacts! It looks like it will take longer time before anybody will come back to Palaoa and operating from there. After 14 month i will leave Antarctica in 9 days.

Best 73 de Lars DP0GVN / DL1LLL

P.S. Logbook is updated and online!



DP0GVN/p @ PALAOA Observatory

Hi Folks,

tomorrow 30.01.2013 i will have maintenance work at Palaoa Observatory. I will try to be QRV in evening hours on 20m.

There is no time schedule yet but i plan to be on air from 17:00 UTC until 23 UTC Please check 14315 (to 14330MHz).

It will be the last time that i can operate from PALAOA Observatory.

Hope to hear you on air 73 Lars DP0GVN / DL1LLL


just some news from the other side of the world.

We are right busy this time. just unloaded cargo from RV POLARSTERN and running our normal summersaision.

But we had a great Christmas with 4 Swedish (WASA-BAse) and 6 Finnish (ABOA) guests. One of them was Mika OJ1ABOA. Finally we had done some great QSO on 2m and 70cm in Antarctica. First time for me to use my brand new Kennwood TH-D72 that just arrived one flight before Christmas. What a great Christmas present, Thanks!


OJ1ABOA (Mika) and DP0GVN (Lars)

OJ1ABOA (Mika) and DP0GVN (Lars

OJ1ABOA (Mika) and DP0GVN (Lars)

Antarctic HAM Round

yesterday we had a great goal of antarctic ham operators. OJ1ABOA Aboa station DP0GVN Neumayer station KC4AAA Amundsen/Scott south pole station VU3BPZ/P Bhagwati station KC4AAC Palmer station

in one QSO on 20m ! Big goal for us antarctic operators to keep in contact. Hope we can activate more OMs from antartica for this round.

Information about time and QRG by email!

73 lars DP0GVN, DL1LLL, ZS7/DL1LLL

Summer saison starts soon

last 2 weeks i dint had much QSOs. Propagation is very poor at the moment and its just a handful every evening. But today im glad to contact two OMs on other antarctic stations, big goal for me as well.

the kid and youth program is also still running and i had contact with ~40 kids/youth on training licenses. But also poor propagation upsets some skeds with them. Im sorry for this but hopefully we can arrange a other sked again.

More portable activities have to wait now for more time and better propagation.

73 de Lars DP0GVN – DL1LLL – ZS7/DL1LLL

ZS7/DL1LLL today (26.10.2012)!!! Done!!!

Weather is top! I will leave now NM3! See you on air from ZS7/DL1LLL

EDIT: 27.10.2012 its done! Logbook is updated. Thanks for some nice QSOs on 10m, 15m and 20m

73 Lars

ZS7/DL1LLL again on Friday 26th October 2012

It looks like weather will be better tomorrow. If its i will go to the E-Base again and work on 10m and 20m. I try to be QRV around ~1500UTC on 10m (somewhere around 28.550MHz) and from ~17:00UTC on 20m (somewhere around 14.300 – 14.340MHz). I plan to stay until 2300UTC there to give NA also a chance to contact me! So please put me into the cluster if you copy me. I will run my Kenwood TS-480 with 100w powered by batteries…

Check here at www.dl1lll.de again, i will put a post before i leave Neumayer3 when weather is good enough to go there! 73 Lars