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Jugendaktion läuft…

vielen Dank für die Bewerbungen! Die ersten QSO sind abgearbeitet und die jungen Funkamateure des YHOTA (Young Helpers on the Air ) sowie aus Erding (C25), Ulm und Göttingen  hatten jede Menge Spaß dabei mit der Antarktis zu funken und natürlich auch Fragen über das Leben und die Arbeit hier beantwortet zu bekommen. Mein eigen dafür angelegtes Logbuch umfasst inzwischen 33 QSOs.

Weiter Termin mit OVs bzw. einzelnen OMs sind für die nächsten 2 Wochen auch schon ausgemacht.

Hier noch ein Auszug von der Webseite der “Geschwister-Scholl-Gesamtschule Göttingen


Hier noch ein Auszug von der Webseite des C25 Erding

Link zum Bericht der Erding-C25 Jugenseite


Vielen Dank für die QSOs!

73 de Lasse

vertikal HF Antenna

Hi Folks

im looking for a good vertical SW Antenna(for DX). It should not longer than 7m, flexible in strong wind and not that much diameter.

Any ideas how i can build one, construction manuals or photos???


73 Lars

Palaoa Tour

as well i had a maintenance Trip to the Palaoa Observatory. This one inst that far as Watzmann from Neumayer3 and it was no Problem to work from there portabel. After work was finished we could spend our free evening outside there. Many thanks to my colleges who always spend there time with me outside if i want to use the radio!!!

Propagation was a little bit strange yesterday, band was fading in and out and a lot of QRM. But anyway i worked about 100 QSOs.

Thanks a lot for nice QSOs all the time and as well for my supporter (DL5EBE, I1HYW, F8DVD, DL2XL, I1-12387, DL2GMS, DJ5NQ and all others)

73 Lars

img_0682 img_0685_v1 img_0686 img_0700 img_0701_v1 img_0710_v1 img_0714_v1


Watzmann Tour

Hi Folks,

here just a small report from our WATZMANN trip and of cause some photos. After a 10h trip in the “Pistenbully” snowplow we arrived on a sunny day at the Watzmann observatory. We had to do some mainternacne stuff at the wind generator, solar panels and our UKW-Repeater.

As we had done our work, my college decide to have a small nap bevor we took the 10h trip back. In tis time it was possible for me to install my Fritzel FD-4 and my Kennwood TS-480. Bad luck, you small 1kw Generator generate also a lot of QRM, thats why i QRT it and running just on batteries and Solar panels. It was too bad without a generator there was no heating system, so it was an other operating in -20°C.

Propagation was a little bit unsafe, because we had a lot of magnetic activitys in the last 2 nights and wonderfull auroras. But propagation was realy good and i worked ~150 OMs in ~2,5h.

73 Lars

mg_0847_v1 img_0548 img_0563 img_0567 img_0568 img_0571 img_0598 img_0652


back at DP0GVN

im back and unpacking my stuff… report and some Photos will coming soon. Logbook is up to date!

Thanks for nice QSOs

73 Lars


i will be tomorrow (2th October) at the “Watzmann” location again.

After our work i try to be QRV from 1700-2000UTC on 14310+- We have at the moment a lot of magnetic activty, hopefully propagation will work tomorrow

73 Lars DP0GVN / DL1LLL

ZS7/DL1LLL Neumayer Emergency Base WAP ZAF-11

First, I have to say thanks to WAP and Dominik DL5EBE, for supporting me all the time!In the beginning the propagation was not good, so Oleg RI1ANF (at Bellingshausen Base) starting to help me (thanks a lot!) because he got better openings towards Europe. After the first 45min in real hard conditions of propagation, it got better and finally I worked 117 QSOs most of them from Europe.

I worked with my Kenwood TS-480 with 100W powered by a 100Amp Battery. I had to tow up to E-Base, by a 7m leather rope, two of these batteries and my equipment. At least, the HF antenna still mounted there for normal communication in summer time was working well, so it was quite easy to install my stuff in the living room and just extend the antenna cable. But in Antarctica everything is not like you may think … After 30min my batteries got frozen and out of them, I just got 50Watts of power for my TX. Also if it’s called “Living-room” the Emergency-Base it’s a powerless room, without heating. I had around -22°C inside, really cold fingers all the time and after 2,5hours working , there was a film of ice over my microphone. To those who have not got a chance to work me this time, I say that I can work from there again! In summer time it’s much easy because there I will have energy, so I will try to work there anyway in the next 2 months again.

Thanks for all who takes time to listening me and hopefully for all who didn’t got a contact I can do this again!

73 Lars

P.S. news about my activity always here or at www.waponline.it

0200ll_20120101_225015_nikon_dscn0977 img_0108 img_0115 sc90601 img_0121_v1






ZS7/DL1LLL at Neumayer E-Base / SANAE Summerbase


im back at Neumayer! Thanks for the nice contacts from ZS7/DL1LLL. When i feel again my fingers, i will put some Infos tomorrow on my webside and as well send them to Gianni.

Please note, QSL Cards for ZS7/DL1LLL also via DL5EBE !!!

73 Lars

South Africa “Neumayer Emergency Base” WAP ZAF-NEW

HI Folks,

Look for me (Lars DL1LLL/DPØGVN) tomorrow evening (Sept.24th ); i will be QRV from another “New One” site: the South Africa’s Neumayer Emergency Base signing ZS7/DL1LLL. Sked time from 17:00 to 20:00 UTC on 14310MHz. I will run a transceiver with 100w power , using 12V batteries and a multiband dipole. More info at WAP web site (www.waponline.it) as usual.

73 lasse

Radio campaign for kids and youths with the Antarctic station “Neumayer 3“


Lars Lehnert, DL1LLL, recently known as DP0GVN, will be assigned to the Antarctic station “Neumayer3” until February 2013. Before he is buzzing with activity in the summer and will have not much time to spare for ham radio, DL1LLL offers interested youth/kids the possibility to make a sked, meaning a meeting on the radio bands. Support the apprentices: This is the background of this campaign. This campaign will expire on the end of October. To attend this meeting, kids should be either in an apprenticeship with a call sign or have a call sign on their own. Additionally they should be interested in making contact with an exotic station, which can only be contacted rarely. This is the appeal for all the youth and all trainees of the amateur radios: Into the shack and on the radio! The requirement is “to apply” for the participation by e-mail to darc@darc.de under specification of the following details:

  • name and data of birth
  • position of the station
  • if applicable: DOK
  • own call sign or used call sign
  • year of apprenticeship
  • favorite control mode
  • the reason for being interested in broadcasting

Write a mail and get in contact with “Neumayer 3”. To avoid problems it is advised to use a club station in a chapter or to approach amateurs around, which is skilled and has the necessary equipment. It would be the best to use bands of 15 m and 20 m to get in contact. As Lars is an amateur in his spare time and his professional function on this station is much more important, there is no guaranty that he can comply with all requests of sked.



Lars Lehnert, DL1LLL, derzeit vor allem unter DP0GVN bekannt, ist noch bis Februar 2013 auf der Antarktisstation Neumayer 3 stationiert. Bevor im Sommer dort die „heiße“ Phase beginnt und noch weniger Freizeit fürs Amateurfunken bleibt, bietet DL1LLL Jugendlichen die Möglichkeit einen Sked zu vereinbaren, also einen Treffpunkt auf den Bändern. Hintergrund der Aktion ist, dass DL1LLL damit einen Beitrag zur Nachwuchsförderung leisten möchte. Diese Funkaktion läuft bis Ende Oktober. Teilnehmen können vor allem Jugendliche, die beispielsweise  innerhalb einer Ausbildungsgruppe unter Ausbildungsrufzeichen oder unter eigenen Rufzeichen mal Kontakt zu einer exotischen Station haben möchten, die man nur selten arbeiten kann. Für alle Jugendlichen und Amateurfunk-Auszubildenden gilt also: Rein ins Shack und ran an die Funkgeräte. Voraussetzung ist, dass sich alle Gruppen bzw. Interessenten per E-Mail an darc@darc.de vorab „bewerben“ und folgende Angabe machen: Name und Alter der Jugendlichen, Ort der Clubstation, gegebenenfalls DOK, eigene Rufzeichen oder verwendete Ausbildungsrufzeichen, aktueller Ausbildungskurs, Lieblingsbetriebsarten in der Gruppe und Angabe des Grundes warum ihr euch für Amateurfunk interessiert.

Also vorher per E-Mail Kontakt aufnehmen und dann ganz einfach mit Neumayer 3 funken. Damit das QSO auch wirklich ohne größere Schwierigkeiten zustande kommen kann ist es ratsam entweder eine Clubstation im Ortsverband zu nutzen oder mit einem Funkamateure in der Nähe Kontakt aufzunehmen, der über entsprechend viel Erfahrung und das notwendige Equipment verfügt. Es bieten sich für den Funkkontakt die Bänder 15 m und 20 m an. Es gibt keine Gewähr dafür, dass Lars alle Sked-Anfragen erfüllen kann – er betreibt Amateurfunk in seiner Freizeit, seine berufliche Tätigkeit auf der Station geht vor.

73  Lars