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since 10.10.2012


just some news from the other side of the world.

We are right busy this time. just unloaded cargo from RV POLARSTERN and running our normal summersaision.

But we had a great Christmas with 4 Swedish (WASA-BAse) and 6 Finnish (ABOA) guests. One of them was Mika OJ1ABOA.
Finally we had done some great QSO on 2m and 70cm in Antarctica. First time for me to use my brand new Kennwood TH-D72 that just arrived one flight before Christmas. What a great Christmas present, Thanks!


OJ1ABOA (Mika) and DP0GVN (Lars)

OJ1ABOA (Mika) and DP0GVN (Lars

OJ1ABOA (Mika) and DP0GVN (Lars)

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