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DP0GVN contacts to Antarctic Bases

Hi Folks,

here a small statistic about my personal goal to catch antarctic bases in my wintering time.
I had 29 QSOs inside the continent of Antarctica with 13 different locations.

8J1RL  Syova Base

DP0GVN Neumayer3 Station (Operator DL1TOG)

KC4AAC Palmer Station (WAP USA-23)

KC4USV McMurdo (WAP USA-22)

KC4AAA Sout Pole (WAP USA-36)

OJ1ABOA Aboa Base

OJ1ABOA/p Mika @ Neumayer3

RI1ANF Bellinghausen (WAP RUS-Ø1)

RI1ANF Bellinghausen – Priroda Refuge (WAP RUS-15)

R1ANR Novo Runnway (WAP RUS-09)

VK0GB Casey Station

VU3BPZ Bharati Base (WAP IND-Ø4)

VU3BPZ/p Indian Bay Camp (WAP IND-Ø2)

VU3BPZ/mm Polar Ship Ivan Papanin

As you see here i had contacts around the whole continent 🙂
























So if there are HAMS on Antarctica that i missed!? please contact me before 10.Feb 2013

73 de Lars


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