` Palaoa activity 30. Jan 2013
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Palaoa activity 30. Jan 2013

After our work at the Palaoa Observatory was done i used my free-time to operate again on HF.
I was QRV from 1700-2300UTC on 14320 and got about 40 contacts to EU and 40 to NA. Propagation was a little bit strange. To the northern part of EU i got really good signal reports but for the south located operators it was much harder to catch me.
This time i staid much longer as usual to give the NA operators also a chance to work with me at Palaoa.
Special thanks to John VK2ANT / VK2FR who followed me the hole activity and spotted me into the clusters.

And as well special greetings to Markus DL2GMS he tried to call me about 4 hours but we didnt make it, Sorry!

I worked again with my Kenwood TS-480 powered by an 12V Gel-batterie and my Fritzel FD-4 installed as a inverted V on the Pistenbully crane.

Thanks to everybody who taking the time for this contacts! It looks like it will take longer time before anybody will come back to Palaoa and operating from there.
After 14 month i will leave Antarctica in 9 days.

Best 73 de Lars DP0GVN / DL1LLL

P.S. Logbook is updated and online!



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