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Skeds and contact with DL1LLL/mm

Please do NOT contact the shipping company to arange a sked with me!

Thinks like this can make me trouble and at the moment ham activitis are tolerated here on bord and we will not change this! Don’t forget, primary I am here to work.


Bitte KEINEEmail Anfragen an die Reederei! Amateurfunk wird hier an Bord gedultet, ich möchte damit so wenig wie möglich Aufsehen bewirken. Hauptsächlich bin ich zum arbeiten hier und nicht zum funken!

my personal Email is lasse (a) dl1lll.de


ZS7/DL1LLL Neumayer Emergency Base WAP ZAF-11

First, I have to say thanks to WAP and Dominik DL5EBE, for supporting me all the time!In the beginning the propagation was not good, so Oleg RI1ANF (at Bellingshausen Base) starting to help me (thanks a lot!) because he got better openings towards Europe. After the first 45min in real hard conditions of propagation, it got better and finally I worked 117 QSOs most of them from Europe.

I worked with my Kenwood TS-480 with 100W powered by a 100Amp Battery. I had to tow up to E-Base, by a 7m leather rope, two of these batteries and my equipment. At least, the HF antenna still mounted there for normal communication in summer time was working well, so it was quite easy to install my stuff in the living room and just extend the antenna cable. But in Antarctica everything is not like you may think … After 30min my batteries got frozen and out of them, I just got 50Watts of power for my TX. Also if it’s called “Living-room” the Emergency-Base it’s a powerless room, without heating. I had around -22°C inside, really cold fingers all the time and after 2,5hours working , there was a film of ice over my microphone. To those who have not got a chance to work me this time, I say that I can work from there again! In summer time it’s much easy because there I will have energy, so I will try to work there anyway in the next 2 months again.

Thanks for all who takes time to listening me and hopefully for all who didn’t got a contact I can do this again!

73 Lars

P.S. news about my activity always here or at www.waponline.it

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