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Way back…

we are finish with researching and on our way back to Cadiz / Spain where we will arrive at the 21th April. Check APRS (DL1LLL-8) where we are. After unloading we will be in shipyard for 2 more weeks.

I will be QRV until the 21th for sure and hope to get some more QSOs.

best 73 Lasse DL1LLL/mm

Planned working areas of MARIA S MERIAN cruises MSM 36-39 (now MSM 37 is running)

Here you can find the Expedition description of our journey MSM37. As well you can find some information’s about the ship and the research work here.


best 73 lasse DL1LLL/mm

Skeds and contact with DL1LLL/mm

Please do NOT contact the shipping company to arange a sked with me!

Thinks like this can make me trouble and at the moment ham activitis are tolerated here on bord and we will not change this! Don’t forget, primary I am here to work.


Bitte KEINEEmail Anfragen an die Reederei! Amateurfunk wird hier an Bord gedultet, ich möchte damit so wenig wie möglich Aufsehen bewirken. Hauptsächlich bin ich zum arbeiten hier und nicht zum funken!

my personal Email is lasse (a) dl1lll.de



Hi everybody,

i will spot our position via the APRS system of our research journey . Check DL1LLL-8 to see where we are

best 73 Lars

P.S. first QSOs are done, but still very busy and less time for the radio… Anyway 4 weeks left!

DL1LLL/mm soon on air “R/V Maria S Merian”

Hi OMs & YLs,

i will be back on research vessel Maria S Merian at Thu 18.03.14. I try to be on air (QRV) the following 4 weeks on all bands.

If DL1LLL/mm is QRV it is parallel to the usual business. Please be patient, if there results a sudden qrt or brake! I will stay here until 21.04.2014, so many of you gets a chance to work with me.

QSL will be direct or via buero to my call DL1LLL. A online Logbook to be sure that our QSO is logged you will find here.

best 73 de DL1LLL / DL1LLL/mm

DL1LLL/mm on Bord of Research Vessel “Maria S. Merian”

until 10.11.2013 on Bord of German Research Vessel “Maria S Merian” as DL1LLL/mm going from Cadiz to Sevastopol (check http://marinetraffic.com/en/ais/details/ships/211753000)

best 73, hope to hear you on air DL1LLL